At Thumos we help builders build.
Builders, founders, entrepreneurs.
The people who’ve built something from nothing. The people who create.

We operate on one simple metric.
Increasing your revenue.
Because revenue solves a lot of problems.
Revenue lets you keep building. Keep growing.
Positive growth that lets you keep climbing.

We create momentum.
How we do it is simple. It’s a process.
It’s not easy, but it is simple.
You cannot create momentum without a clarity of purpose, and there is no clarity without insight.
Insight into opportunities, the simple things that produce outsize results.
Things that can actually move the needle.

Eric Sullivan

Eric has a background in finance, politics and business strategy. He has served as chief strategist and chief revenue officer for several organizations and is the founder and CEO of Thumos. At Thumos he currently leads strategic efforts for clients in the following sectors: finance, leadership development, data intelligence, hosting, fiber optic internet, thought leadership, marketing and policy.

A strategist at heart, Eric’s always had a passion for revenue generation. He brings a drive and intensity to the team that fuels growth and ensures value creation for clients.

Eric serves on the board of the Lincoln Symphony Orchestra and enjoys spending his free time with his wife, Maria. He yearns for new experiences in travel, food and outdoor activities like hiking and Kayaking.

Andrew Storz

Andrew has a diverse background that includes finance, technology, product development, and project management. His experience includes working with a private equity holding company, an operational and financial SaaS provider, as well as launching or co-founding several different companies in various industries. He holds multiple certifications in project management (Including the PMP), agile, scrum, kaizen, and lean six sigma. Andrew’s consulting experience has ranged from solopreneurs and startups to NASDAQ 100 and Fortune 500 organizations.

As Chief Information Officer, Andy ensures client fulfillment utilizing Thumos technologies and continually evaluating and operationalizing new tools. He is also responsible for analysis of business structures and processes and creating tactical roadmaps for teams to perform at peak levels with continuous delivery of value. His background in optimization and productization helps Thumos maximize the value provided to the people, process, and product of the organizations we partner with.

Weston Woodward

Based in Austin, Texas, Weston has spent the majority of his career navigating the world of relationships. A born connector, Weston has used his unique skill set in the worlds of politics, tech, creative agencies, eSports, and events. He has worked with notable brands such as Aston Martin, Whole Foods, and Mercer.

Whether it’s working on a sponsorship deal with a big brand or building out technology teams near shore, he always makes sure that the human connection is at the forefront. For the past two years, Weston has produced premiere events during the Sundance and SXSW film festivals. He is a member of Summit/Summit Institute, Misfits, EPX, and an advisor to Serial Marketers.

At Thumos, Weston is our Chief Connection Officer, leveraging his vast network to bring value to the company and our clients.

Daniel Abraham

Daniel has a strong background in business, economics, and statistics. He graduated with honors from the University of the Philippines and is in the process of obtaining his graduate degree. His work experience includes consultancy for several private and government organizations and work as a researcher and data scientist. He is currently a Data Analyst at Thumos under the direct supervision of the Chief Information Officer.

Having a fondness for analytics, everything about data fascinates him. He believes that in this age of rapidly improving technology and innovation, data will be the driving force that will propel us to further heights. He enjoys exploring and analyzing data and sees it as puzzles just waiting to be solved.

A competitive athlete for more than a decade, Daniel knows the meaning of teamwork and the dedication needed to achieve a collective goal, which makes him an ideal teammate, and an even better partner.

Daniel enjoys spending his free time studying topics he finds interesting and hanging out with his friends and family. He also looks forward to traveling more and having much more quality time with his loved ones.