Product Roadmapping

Gain the clarity and insight you need to create momentum for your product, process, and people.
Create a plan that’s built for a changing environment.
Fine tune your priorities and determine the next steps.
Turn your strategic vision into a tactical blueprint.

Revenue Acceleration Roadmaps

We operate on one simple metric.
Increasing your revenue.
We can help you find it and turn the plan into action.
Because revenue solves a lot of problems.

Management Consulting

Years of experience making things happen.
Let’s find the unrealized human potential and turn it into something amazing.
Add momentum to your organization

Data Science and Business Intelligence

Data is everywhere but it does you no good if you don’t have access to it.
Thumos can retrieve and deliver that data.
Because turning data into information and information into insight is a powerful thing.

The Black Box

Imagine the power of predictive analytics applied to your business relationships.
Imagine knowing a great connection before it’s ever made.
Imagine the advantage you could have by being a part of it.
The Black Box will make all this happen – and more.