We operate on one simple metric.
Increasing your revenue.
We can help you find it and turn the plan into action.
Because revenue solves a lot of problems.

You know step 1 – open business, you know step 3 – make money. What about step 2 – finding your customers and making sales? Sometimes this can be the greatest challenge for an entrepreneur, sales team or an entire organization. Thumos can help find what’s missing

Thumos can help craft a strategy and drive momentum so you can connect with your ideal targets and communicate effectively with them to turn conversations into customers. By partnering with your organization to develop this plan, we make sure that your company’s unique situation is addressed. We don’t have a one size fits all plan, but we do have the same goal for all of our clients – increase your revenue.

We are also able to leverage our technology infrastructure and operational expertise to help create conversations using methods and platforms that you may not be fully taking advantage of today. These additional outreach tools and methods can allow an organization to enter a new territory, find new centers of influence, and gather deep insight on your future clients.